Pains and Joys of High School Graduation

High School Graduation
Congratulations to all the graduates!
You are now a step closer to your dreams!

My most memorable graduation day was my high school graduation. It was both the happiest and the most painful celebration I ever had. It was the happiest because finally, after four years in high school, I will soon be in college and I would be closer to my dreams! It was the most painful because I know I won't see some of my precious friends after graduation.

Most of my friends will go to other universities for college and I will be left on my dear alma matter. However, some would stay in the same university but it is still sad because we would not be complete anymore. Everyone who had been in high school would surely know how high school friends bond together and understand the feelings of leaving each other behind.

My friends took engineering, accountancy, education, occupational therapy and, most of them, nursing courses. My passion for nursing is not as high as them. It is not because I don't love the profession but because of fear of blood! There were at least two instances that I fainted out at the sight of blood!

Nursing is a very expensive course. For graduates whose dream is to become a nurse someday but could not afford the fees for nursing education, you could still reach your dream by becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant or CNA. This would be your doorstep to becoming a nurse someday. Feel free to check this cna training information for your guidance.

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