I Am Not A Book

It is common knowledge that many were affected by this tough economy. Even "Dubai World sent shockwaves across financial markets last year when it said it would not be able to repay its debts on time and asked for a six-month freeze on debt payments."

Like most people, I do admit I have my own share of list of payables. Most of us do, from bills to debts. When someone asks for some assistance from you, what would be the right thing for you to do? You could either extend your help or politely say "no". What if you were the one requesting for it but the other person said "no" to you and, behind your back, talks about some personal issues about you? How would you react?

I could never ever forget the day when I had my first official "demerit" because I was being "unprofessional". I was talking with a friend then and shared my sentiments over hubby's evaluation. If what I did that time were "unprofessional", how would we categorize the actions done by someone who hits me with personal talks behind my back? If this makes them "professional", I would rather choose to be considered as "unprofessional".

I am disheartened to know that there are people who discriminates people in need. They do not have the right to judge the decisions and actions I have made in the past. I just did what I deemed right to do at the time. Necessity of things depends on each person's needs in a period. Who are they to judge what is necessary and not for us? Do they really know us by heart? Do they know our needs?

"Consider that thou dost not even understand whether men are doing wrong or not, for many things are done with a certain reference to circumstance. And, in short, a man must learn a great deal to enable him to pass a correct judgment on another man's acts."

Before we make our judgments, we should always consider that what is right for one might not be right for the other.

If there are people who make us down, there are also people who help us in their own ways. There are also people whom we did not expect to help but readily shares in times of our needs. Thank you so much for all your help. I greatly appreciate your kind heart and understanding.


  1. There's always going to be a few people here and there are going to rain on your parade, but try not to dwell on the negatives too much. I know we can't help but feel down sometimes, especially after someone talks behind your back, but always find faith in yourself, and don't ever let anyone get the best of you.

    I like to think "what comes around goes around," and nothing good comes to those who can't think or say positive things to others. ;)

  2. Thanks much Bchai for sharing to me such great views. I just can't help getting hurt especially when these are the people I thought I could trust.

  3. take it easy jul.. ay, talent man jud na halos sa mga tawo ang libak, sa maka una lang.. how's baby walter now?

  4. thanks meretrisha ... as the "chinese" saying goes ... "maws maws lang" but no, I won't get even. I know somebody will do it for me. Dedma na lng ... Duh .... basta lagot ko niya ... LIBAKERA!

    walter is doing fine now but still having nightmares. his ordeal was still fresh in his subconscious mind.