Beware: Nurses Could Hurt Your Baby

My baby was confined at Mactan Doctors Hospital last Thursday because he was showing some common symptoms of pneumonia like cough and difficulty in breathing. He does not have fever so the doctor set aside the possibility. His x-ray showed phlegm on his lungs that caused him to have breathing difficulties.

Hubby was the one who went through all the agony of watching our baby endure all the pain from IV insertions and needles at the emergency room. The first IV insertion on my baby's left hand was unsuccessful so the nurse tried the needles again on my baby's left foot. Thankfully, the nurse hit the vein. Hubby really wanted to twist the nurse's head because he could feel baby's pain all because of the nurse's incompetence.

On the third day, the doctor told us that they would transfer the IV. We were so concerned because this would be another painful experience for my baby. Two nurses came and set the IV. The nurse tried my baby's right hand. She had inserted the needle but did not hit the vein. What a ***********!!! My baby cried aloud because of pain. After a while, another nurse came and tried to insert another needle on my baby's right foot, and another ************ without success. Hubby was REALLY mad this time and would not allow anyone to touch baby again. He was willing to sign any waiver the hospital would give. What do they think of baby, a guinea pig where they could practice their incompetence?
Finally, the doctor came and told us she would be the one to insert the needle. Hubby did not argue or utter any word thinking, "at least now you are sending an expert". The doctor tested the veins from baby's left hand and noticed the "now hard vein" caused by the first unsuccessful attempt at the emergency room. She tried the sides and bingo, it was a success! It was a great relief for baby and all of us watching him. My other children even cried watching baby cry in pain.

My baby's health is showing good progress. He could now play with his siblings and give a good laugh.


  1. I hope your baby's feeling much better. I think I would've strangled the nurse after the first I.V. insertion failure. Good thing a doctor was finally able to do it right.

  2. Thanks Bchai! Baby is feeling much better now; and he does not cry anymore when he sees people in white getting in the room. Hope we will be discharged this week.

  3. Hi! Hope your baby get well soon.Personally I could say that in the medical world there are only two primary health workers that are trusted for curing and treating patients namely; doctors and nurses. What you have experienced and witnessed are incompetent nurses in nursing uniforms, but I should say that not all nurses are like that. This is in defense of those nurses that are doing their work perfectly and carefully. And their are also cases of doctors being negligent not nurses. Well those nurses that treat your baby must be checked out by the hospital they are working. We are talking bout life here not frogs so their actions have proper reprimands.

  4. Hi Peny! Finally, we're going home tomorrow. I do agree that not all nurses are incompetent. There are also some who do their jobs pretty well. The only thing is, we could not identify who really are skilled enough to do the task unless you try.

  5. Wow! That's a great news..Well I do agree with you that we could not identify who are the skilled one and who are not.. Anyway have you heard about the case of Dennis Quaid's twins? After nearly loosing his twins to an overdose of the blood thinner heparin given at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles in 2007 he has been heavily involved in raising awareness about medical errors. He is not against these men and women in medical scrubs for nearly killing his babies, however since the incident he became such an advocate. When I read about your blog I remember his case. This is a clip from his statement about health care personnel specially those wearing nursing shoes, the nurses.

    " I really don’t know [what happened to the nurse that administered the overdose]. We didn’t meet with her afterwards. There were several nurses involved. I don’t blame any of the nurses. They’re overworked, underappreciated. The reason they get into health care to begin with is they’re there to ease human suffering and they really do care. They’re great people; they’re heroes in our lives. But human error occurs. If I make a mistake in my business, I get a take two. They don’t. And when a mistake occurs, they need help as much as the victims as well, because they’re traumatized by it."