Raising a Generous Child

Being generous does not come easily for kids. They have the tendency to be self-centered and even hostile. However, all kids are born with an amazing sense of caring for others. Parents need to encourage the positive side of their children and nurture the instinctive feelings of concern that kids have for people around them. Here are some things parents can do to develop the value of generosity and charity in their children.

Teach the importance of sharing. Make your kids understand that sharing is important in maintaining relationships.

Be a role model. If parents behave in charitable ways, the kids will also become charitable. They model themselves from the living examples they observe rather than the words they hear.

Expose your child to other role models. Your child would benefit from the great personalities outside your home.

Let your kids practice sharing. Find opportunities that bring out your child’s generous instincts. Involve your child in activities that practice sharing such as charity drives in your church or community.

Reward your children. One good way of showing your appreciation to your child’s generosity is through warm words. Children need to be told repeatedly of the pleasure and pride parents feel for their act of kindness.


  1. Great post on sharing and children. It's best to start when they're young, right? I also like the idea of letting children practice sharing hands on. That's the best way to learn---hands on experience. You can teach them and show them how to share, but I think it's best if children learn to do it by themselves. ;)

  2. one thing i like about your children is that they would always remember to come here to do the "mano po" to me and stephen. credits should also go to the parents who raised them well!

  3. Thanks Bchai and meretrisha! You two are really quick, lol!

    Thanks Bchai! It's always easy to tell them to share but they would appreciate the value better if they have actually done it.

    Hi Jo! Hubby and I believe this old practice of showing respect should be handed down to our kids and our kids' kids in the future.