Owning a Pet is Good for Our Health

Would you like to take me as your pet?

Everyone has a real need to nurture something or someone. For people who have few companions, animals provide family and friendship, something to care for and to be recognized by. Pets provide love and affection, as well as supply a sense of security and protection.

Aside from the emotional benefits, pets also bring physical health benefits to pet owners. Taking care of a pet encourages action. Pets need to be walked, fed, groomed and given fresh water. They also need lots of playing and petting. Walking the dog out a few times a day can benefit the cardiovascular system and keep joints flexible. Consistently doing these kind of simple exercise enable pet owners to carry out the normal activities of daily living.

Experts say, if a person suffers from heart disease or stress, a cuddle a day may keep the doctor away. However, if hugs are hard to come by, the next best thing may be a dog or a cat in the lap.


  1. err... i'd rather have a dog. :D

  2. lol! a cuddle a day might call the doctor right away!