Home Improvement - Keeping the Comforts of Home

Hubby and Warren are taking their much needed break 
after doing all the heavy work.

It's been a year since we moved into our new house. I could still remember that very tiring day when we pushed all our energy cleaning all the mess and putting all things on their places. I was still carrying my youngest on my tummy then.

When we purchased our house, it was so bare. The floors and walls were rough and need refining. The comfort room looked creepy without the tiles and paint. We hired a contractor to do all the home improvement and made special instructions on the tiles to be used. We were not able to supervise the construction since we are at work during weekdays. When we had the first glance of the tiled comfort room, it was pretty neat. The worker used a diamond saw blade to cut the tiles for a neat finish.

What a big difference tiles could do! With its new look, the comfort room now feels so ... "comforting". I love the cool green color and the flower decor on it. Whenever I relieve myself, I keep my eyes busy watching that "not-so-simple" work of art.

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