Campaign Banners – Responsible Banner Campaigns

As May 2010 approaches, more and more politicians are taking advantage of the campaign period (and some even before the campaign period) to gain more popularity and get an edge over their rivals. An increasing number of political campaign advertisements are scattered anywhere. Photos of politicians are seen on street lamp posts, walls, ad spaces, bridges, trees, house gates, garbage cans, electric posts, electrical wires - name it; they are just everywhere! Their campaign banners come in different sizes. You could easily identify politicians with high financial resources just by looking at their banners.

There are guidelines for ad or banner posting but they seem disregarded. How could these people better serve the community when even on their campaign for service, they are already spreading their garbage? There are proper places for these banners or posters, and politicians (and their men) ought to follow the guidelines. For sure they have lots of greens to finance their campaign. They could start being responsible by purchasing wholesale banner stand. They can then put their ads on it and display their faces on approved places. This way, when the campaign period is over, they could easily collect their banners without leaving their trash.


  1. I totally agree: campaign banners and signs become nothing more than wasteful garbage if too much are plastered around the community.

    Every political campaign should devote some funds to purchasing banners and signs, but I always tell my clients to be careful with signage. While some signs and banners are necessary, your money is much better spent in local campaigns on direct mail that is micro-targeted to a list of likely voters.

    Great post, keep up the good work!