Baby Talk - A Taste of Independence

Mom, can you please help me choose between the two bottles on the table? Oh, never mind Mom, you seemed pre-occupied.

Oh, my big sister is coming to my rescue. Ate Angel, could you please give me that brown bottle? I would like to try that one. My taste buds are getting used to that white you always give me. I think I need some break. Thank you, Ate!

Ate Angel: Okay little brother, I'm going to hold the bottle for you.

No, No, No! I want to take it by myself! I have to teach myself to become independent and I will start as early as now.

Ate Angel: That's enough for now little bro. I don't want you to get drunk.

Waaahhh! Give it back to me! Give it back to me!

One last drop and I'm good.

Well, I think this would be enough for now. I could feel my head spinning and my eyes are already dropping.

Time to have a good sleep!

[A note from Mom: My baby did not really drink the beer. He's on the stage where he puts anything he holds in his mouth.]

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  1. ...and he's knocked out by all his efforts! LOL. What a cute little boy. They seem to want to do things on their own at that age, but they still need a little help to get it done. ;) Great shots of the little one!