Our "Not so Happy" Journey Home

One can survive everything, except death. Death is inevitable. We do not know when it will come to us. If the people we love are taken away from us by death, the way to have them live with us is to continue loving them. People all die, but real love remains forever. We can always cry over our loss and wish that they would come back but we would feel better if we continue to smile and be thankful for the borrowed life they have shared to us and cherish all the memories we have with them.

The sad news came to me on the 5th of January. My husband called and informed me that her beloved mother has submitted herself to the overpowering force of death. After her two-day battle for life in the hospital's Intensive Care Unit, she has finally met our Maker. The loss of her dear mother brought sadness to our hearts and we can do nothing more but grieve. I can barely remember Xander, hubby's brother-in-law, sending us home in his car. Was it a Toyota Camry? I have not taken notice. Who would care anyway? With our present state of mind, we care less to check engine light. It was such a long and exhausting ride from the hospital but our "not so happy" journey home was smooth anyone could tell the car does not need auto repair. We were thankful that despite the emotional state we were all in, the long distance we have traveled and the falling darkness, we arrived home safely.


  1. again, our condolences to your family..

  2. hi Juliet.. my deepest condolence to you and your family...

    by the way, I wrote you an email.. please respond.. thanks!!