I Failed and I Am Guilty

Wish I could have more than enough time for my kids. With my work schedule [I'm on a graveyard shift], household chores and a toddler that took most of my time (and energy), I could barely have time to help them out with their studies.

I could not remember the last time I have helped them with their homework and school projects. It must have been a long time! Sigh* One of the many responsibilities of a good parent is to help and assist their kids with their education. With this, I failed – I'm guilty. But that does not make me a bad parent, does it? I'm trying to stretch my time and energy.

My kids are busy preparing for their exams. It's their first grading exam and they are trying their best to have good marks. It has always been their dream [and our dream for them] to be on the honors list. Will they make it? I'm crossing my fingers.

I just remembered when I took the entrance exam at Xavier University, my mother was with me. We brought snacks and drinks, and I feel like we're having a field trip! Hope someday, when my kids grew up and they will be taking entrance exams - even if it's the CAT 2011 Entrance Exam, I could be there to assist them with their needs. I have learned from personal experience how important parents are on times like this.