First Hair Cut Beliefs

It has been a family practice to have the first hair cut when baby turns one year old. Before going to any salon, we'll cut a few hair strands and insert them to a page in a book. It was believed that the child would become smart or would excel in some fields depending on the kind of book where the hair was inserted. Is this a joke?

I personally do not believe this crap but I do it anyway, hahaha! We won't lose anything here if this is not true but, if it is, then baby will grow smart. I did this to my first two kids and I will do it again to my baby (though he is not a baby anymore, I still consider him my baby). Oh, well, huh.

Belief or No Belief, we are going to have baby's first hair cut. His hair has grown long and thin, and it becomes unruly especially after getting out of bed. I did the first hair cuts with my first two kids. However, with the second one, I went to a salon and let the hair experts finish the job. I realized then that it's more difficult to cut a boy's hair. I just can't get the right hairstyle for him. So, it's better to leave them to professionals like the staff of Temecula Beauty Salon.

Now that baby turned a year old, he will probably have his first hair cut. But I won't do it on my own. I've learned my lesson pretty well.

How Do You Spell A Word?

My daughter had a spelling exam and their teacher let them spell the word she pronounced as "wither".

She asked her teacher what she means but her teacher did not mind her because it was an exam.

So she spelled the word as how she heard her teacher - wither.

The result – she misspelled the word.

Confused? Well, what their teacher really meant was "weather" and not "wither".

She complained to me that their teacher does not know how to pronounce the words correctly so she got wrong in their exam.

I just told my daughter, "Next time, you ask your teacher to use the word in a sentence so that no matter how she wrongly pronounces the word, at least you know what the word she needs you to spell".

I was left wondering how their teacher could effectively teach when she can't even correctly pronounce some simple English words. Well, some (or many?) teachers need REAL refinement on this aspect.