Found New Treasure

Grade School Graduation

Finally, after years of scavenging, I found this treasure from a friend's treasure chest! It's not really that grand and it may be priceless to some but for me, this means more than anybody's gold (hehehe ... Just kidding ... I could still make use of that gold you know ... *wink*).

Wonder where am I?
I'll leave it up to you dear friends. I asked my daughter to point who she thinks I am and she guessed right! I'm not wearing my medal here because I already gave them to my mother as a sort of token for their undying support. :)

Buy One Take One

I have saved 50% for my baby's food. Cerelac Wheat Banana & Milk is on sale and it's BUY ONE TAKE ONE! For only Php51.25, I got two of my baby's favorite. Most commonly, products on this kind of sale are a few weeks short their expiration date. I checked the product label and, to my surprise, its expiration date is on February 2011! The selling clerk told us that the product is on sale because it will have a new packaging soon.

I bought them at La Nueva Supermart in Opon. I am not sure if other grocery stores offer the same sale. As of the store's closing time, there are a few packs left on their display. So Moms, and retailers as well, grab this rare opportunity before their stocks last!