Taylor T5 - Inspiring Guitar Innovation

Taylor T5 - Inspiring Innovation to Guitar Players
The Taylor Guitars is well known for creating high-quality guitars and its creations were widely recognized as originals. From its humble beginnings, the company has continued to adapt new ideas that provide as an inspiration for its continuous innovation. Thus, the hybrid Taylor T5 came into existence.

Taylor T5 gave the guitar world something fresh and versatile. With the features of both acoustic and electric guitar brought together, it connects the acoustic and electric worlds in some sense that brought existence to its own guitar category. There are four T5 models to choose from namely Classic, Standard, Custom and 12-String, each bearing its own specifications. Each model is also available in different colors such as Red, Blue, Black with Edgeburst (transparent black optional), Sage Green Metallic, or Natural and finishes that include Satin and Gloss.

The rudimentary facet of the Taylor T5 is its pickup system. It has an acoustic body sensor and two humbuckers that are wired together in a five-way switch. Adjusting the five-way switch produces different pickup combinations diverging from a clean acoustic guitar to a heavy electric sound. T5 is also compatible with both acoustic and electric amplifiers and a PA system as well. T5 indeed is an inspiring innovation for guitar players who appreciate creativity in their craft.