Never in the Field of Medicine

Stethoscope - Never in the Field of Medicine
I was on my way home last night. Seated beside me in the multicab is a girl in a conventional hospital nurse uniform. She was excitedly chatting with another girl on her side. I know it is not good to eavesdrop but I could hear their voices without intending to listen to their conversation. They just came from a school-related activity. When I dropped my head trying to take a nap, I saw a hardbound folder on the girl's lap. I figured out they just attended her oath taking ceremony.

When I was just a little girl, I have always wanted to become a teacher. I would insist I be one on role-plays in school or even at home. Most of my classmates and friends also wanted to be a teacher. It could be that our teachers had great influence on our childhood dreams. I have never dreamed I would be in a medical profession. The only times I have worn lab coats for doctors were on science laboratories.

I have seen people on medical scrub sets but never imagined myself wearing one. Because of that one fateful day, when I fainted with the sight of blood from cut flesh, I never wished to become a medical practitioner.

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