Bedroom Dressers: Time to Kick Off Those Mess

It's Saturday once again, and the best thing to do first before enjoying the comforts of my bedroom is to clean all the clutters that has piled up during the weekdays especially our bedroom dressers. With two, busy kids who go to school, our bedrooms can easily be disorganized. They always end up looking like an unruly mess, particularly our dressers. Whew, you could just imagine what a sight it makes! It is as if a hurricane just passed our room leaving no mercy to those who came her way.

Since I started working, I have not found any moment to do some general organization of all the stuff on our dressers but I always see to it that I return all the things to their places after using them and routinely sort them to see if there is anything I can discard. It is really very important for me that our things are organized. Besides looking neat and clean, it would be a great time-saver when I am looking for something. Well, I do admit, I could blast like an active volcano when I look for something and cannot find it anywhere no matter how I searched it. ;)

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