Increasing Your Page Rank

Increasing your page rank is very important especially when you are monetizing your blog. The higher the PR, the higher the pay. :)

In addition to adding content to your blog, the best way to increase your page rank is by building solid links that point to your website.

The following are quick tips for getting backlinks that point to your blog:
  • Links from other blogs with PR ratings. As much as possible, try to get links from other blogs with PR3 and higher.
  • Links from select social networks. Just set up a profile and add your links in your profile. Also, you can do the same by checking the fan pages of all your favorite bands, musicians and artists. Many have online communities, where you can create a profile and build links pointing to your blog.
  • Submit articles. Many free sites accept article submission. Submitting articles is also a great way of free advertising for your website. Just like the author of Active Directory Tutorial did. You should include a resource box or author bio at the end of your article, which includes a link back to your blog. This could potentially bring in a vast amount of traffic to your site.
  • Submit your blog to directories. There are many free directories out there. Look only for directories with PR3 or higher, then add your blog to it. Don't forget the link to your blog.
  • Press release. Post regular press releases on free press release distribution sites. For example, every time you publish a new post, issue a press release announcing that new post, with a link to your blog site.
  • Friends and family. If any of your friends or family have an established website or blog, ask them to add a link for your website to their blogroll or their footer.
I'll be following these tips and hope this would work well on my blog. You may try these tips too and see if your page rank improves. Good luck to us!


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