When Hobby Changed to Hubby

When I got married and had children, I have given up almost everything I used to do when I was still single and free. Everything has changed. Everything is very different.

The only hobby I have before I was married was reading novels. I love to read stories of people; and historic romance was my favorite. Contrary to my friends' favorites, I was never hooked with Danielle Steel but I also love to read her stories. I also love to read science fictions and detective stories but always, the historic romance novels kept my interest in reading; and stories about Indians and their life are my favorite. I love their traditional cultural values, the way they live, the way they view life, nature, and family.

I kept myself updated with book sales, schedule of new arrivals, and see to it that I'm one of the first clients to avail of the bookstore's promos. I had collected a number of books, some were lost, some were borrowed and were never returned, and most of them were stocked inside the cabinet.

After having finally found some time for myself, I watched an old movie; a great love story entitled "Dear John" written by Nicholas Sparks. I was really touched by the story but the most moving part for me was when John read his letter to his father while his father laid in the hospital bed. It pinched a part of my heart and I could not stop myself from crying.

A book is also available and I would love to have a copy. However, nowadays, buying books for a day use is too costly and impractical for me. I'll just settle for its free e-book then. I tried to search for a pdf download online but found instead another great stories by the same author namely, "A Walk to Remember", "The Notebook", "The Rescue" and more.

My love for reading has not faded totally. Someday, when I'll have my own time, I'll grab one of the books in the cabinet, leisurely lay down in bed, think about no other things and just read the book on hand.


  1. I have two sister-in-laws who are diehard Sparks fans. I've only read two of his books, but I don't like the endings, so I've skipped them. The last book of his I read (The Notebook) made my bawl my eyes out, so I tend to stay away from him. ;)

    I prefer happy endings. :)

  2. I remember a friend who borrowed a book from me. When she returned it, her eyes were still puffy.

    I love stories that relates to real life experiences. It does not matter if it has a happy ending or not but, like you, I also prefer happy endings. :)