Unforgettable Sea Adventure

This is hubby's new sea travel adventure to Camotes Island.
I was not able to go because I have to take care of baby.
It was full of fun, fear and adventure! Oh, how I envy them.

Hubby and his teammates went early so they could catch the 6:30am roro vessel for Camotes Island in Danao port. Unfortunately, when it's their turn to get the tickets, the teller cut them because they already reached the maximum number of passengers. They further advised them to wait for the 11:00am schedule because the 8:00am schedule was fully booked. Because all were so excited to reach Camotes Island and could not wait for the next trip, they rented two small bangka (native sailboat) without even thinking of the great risk they put themselves into because of the big waves considering the distance from Danao port to Camotes Island.

In the middle of the trip, the big waves came that almost capsized the boat they were riding. Hubby and his friends feared for their lives. They were all thinking of the worst that could happen if the boat gives up. They started imagining themselves being swallowed by the sea, lol! They have not captured the waves with their lenses because all were overcome with fear.

Still a long, long way to go.

This is his most unforgettable and horrifying sea travel experience.

Lesson learned - "It pays to wait."


  1. Eeek, they almost capsized! I hope they do learn their lesson. ;)

    Also, next time, tell your husband to stay home with the kids while YOU travel. (You deserve it.)

  2. next time, i will let her have a vacation... promise :)