Alone No More

Now I'm not alone! Hubby came home yesterday from his Camotes adventure (and misadventures)! He brought home wonderful stories, beautiful pictures of their escapade and my favorite - chocolate. Oh, I have not yet tried this one! I just can't wait to have a bite.

He went home ahead from the group because the others still want to see another place and would travel back home at night. He told us he missed us (really? lol!) and that it would be great if we're there. We would surely appreciate the place, and the kids will definitely enjoy the waters especially the fresh waters inside Timubo Cave.

I really missed travels like this, and the beaches too! Maybe when baby will be old and healthy enough to do a little adventure, I will indulge myself in such luxuries.


  1. oh yeah, i really think you should.. by the way, hubby said you missed the homeowner's meeting.. and i already knew why because of your post (home alone ang drama LOL)

  2. Lage, Bantay Bata 163 akong beauty, hahaha!