House Finishing on the Budget

While our house was still under construction, hubby always visits the place. He constantly checks the house taking notes of the finishing needed from the ceilings down to the floor. We were considering then some tiles for the floor, for the kitchen and for the comfort room. We do not need Basement waterproofing because our house is quite small and obviously, we do not have a basement (lol!). When I was still young, I always dream living in a mansion with a wide basement for my car collection. Now that I'm not so quite young, I realized that my dream was too big for me so I will just settle for a cute house like this.

After hubby and I agreed on things and materials needed for the house finishing, we made a list so we could check what we already have and what we still need to buy. In these tough times, it is very essential to spend less. So, with the list of materials on hand, we went to different establishments and canvassed the prices. We looked for materials on sale and compared the prices over the quality of some materials. House finishing would cost much and would certainly hurt the wallet. Better planning for the materials to be used and comparing their prices before deciding to buy would be of great help to the budget.


  1. mao na ni inyo house jul? wow, almost finished nman diay....