Found New Treasure

Grade School Graduation

Finally, after years of scavenging, I found this treasure from a friend's treasure chest! It's not really that grand and it may be priceless to some but for me, this means more than anybody's gold (hehehe ... Just kidding ... I could still make use of that gold you know ... *wink*).

Wonder where am I?
I'll leave it up to you dear friends. I asked my daughter to point who she thinks I am and she guessed right! I'm not wearing my medal here because I already gave them to my mother as a sort of token for their undying support. :)


  1. Hmmmm...are you the fifth one from the left? It's just a wild guess. LOL. Awesome memories from the past, Juliet! ;)

    By the way, what are the two boys doing in the bottom row (in the middle)?

  2. hahaha ... you're right Bchai! I wonder how you have guessed right when hubby did not ... hhhhmmmm

    That two adorable boys? I think they're doing the "pa-cute" thingy.

  3. jul, i think bchai didn't have to guess because your clue about not wearing the medal was a great giveaway. LOL

  4. was it too obvious???!!!! hehehehe