Ending the Ordeal

We've said "bye-bye" to the hospital this morning and were just so excited to come home. My baby is fine now although he still has the cough. There are at least four medicines to maintain - two antibiotics, salbutamol and zinc supplement. Giving those medicines is so difficult because baby would spit out the liquid. We have tried tricks like putting sugar on the spoon and let him have that sweet taste first then the medicine. The first try was successful but it does not work always. He would even spit out his sweet Vitamin C supplement. (*sigh*)

At night, he still has nightmares. He suddenly cries while sleeping. Maybe he was dreaming of his hospital ordeal. My poor baby.


  1. Poor baby! I hope he stops having nightmares and that his sleep is more restful. I think the hospital treatment might have gotten to him. Hopefully, he's able to take all his medicine, and gets better soon. ;)

    Glad you all are home too. :)

  2. He's improving now. He now drinks his medicines yipee! We use a syringe and his getting used to it. He even loves to bite it! hehehe

    haaayyy ... there's no place like home.

  3. Look at 'em big eyes.

    It's really hard to be a parent especially when baby is sick. Hope he feels better now.