Dead Lines Over Deadlines

What's this van doing here?

The country is saving electricity. Are we taking our part in celebrating Earth Day early? The answer is just a plain "No". The reason is too far from Earth Day's campaign. We are saving electrical energy for the coming election on May 2010. We have scheduled power interruption, - er not really scheduled because we don't receive any advisory from the provider - which happens almost everyday.

As usual, I was burning my browses trying to beat my deadline. I'm on the process of quality checking my work when my monitor turned black. I thought there would be no power interruption today but why did this happen? We went out of the office trying to get some fresh air only to realize that we're the only one having power problem. Our line was dead because of overload. An hour or so later, a white van with a ladder on top on it came and we easily identified them as the power people. They effortlessly pulled the ladder from the van's ladder rack and placed it against the electric post. Admitting my fear for heights, I do admire the courage of the man who climbed the very high post. I could feel my stomach churning on every step he makes. They fixed the problem in no time and we're back to work. Whew, it was a great relief because I won't be stretching my schedule to finish my work!

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