Buy One Take One

I have saved 50% for my baby's food. Cerelac Wheat Banana & Milk is on sale and it's BUY ONE TAKE ONE! For only Php51.25, I got two of my baby's favorite. Most commonly, products on this kind of sale are a few weeks short their expiration date. I checked the product label and, to my surprise, its expiration date is on February 2011! The selling clerk told us that the product is on sale because it will have a new packaging soon.

I bought them at La Nueva Supermart in Opon. I am not sure if other grocery stores offer the same sale. As of the store's closing time, there are a few packs left on their display. So Moms, and retailers as well, grab this rare opportunity before their stocks last!


  1. thanks for the info jul. sad to say, dipdip is no longer a fan of cerelac :(

  2. Good thing you were able to grab a great deal on sale! Items that cheap usually don't last too long on the shelves. ;)

  3. meretrisha - no worries, i'm pretty sure dipdip is now more than ready to eat grown-up foods

    Bchai - yeah, they're almost empty when we made our purchase. if they still have stocks, i think they'll be gone by tomorrow