Tiring Weekend Equals Stressed Zombie

The weekend was so tiring. We just stayed at home but the household chores and the baby consumed all my energy. I wish I have even just a day to lay my back flat on bed and take the complete rest I need. Since baby got sick, I rarely had enough sleep. With the dark circles around my eyes and the dizzy feeling caused by stress, I would be compared to a walking zombie.

A new household help came tonight. I wish she would be different from the previous nannies. My baby had changed his habits since he got sick. Before, he laughs a lot and would cry only when he is hungry or sleepy and when something is bothering his diapers. But now, he seldom laughs and often cries. I still have to adjust to his new ways and I wonder if his new nanny could do the same. With my baby’s new habit, I would not be surprised if the new nanny would only last for a month or so.


  1. I hope your new nanny can be a great help to you and your family. Also, I hope she's much better than the previous ones.

    Also, I hope you little one is feeling better. I'm sure he'll be back to normal once he gets used to the new help. Nothing's more stressful than having to worry over a sick baby. Make sure you take time to rest yourself!

  2. I really needed one great rest. I'm deprived of it for the past months!