Teach your Child to Practice Good Hygiene

Teaching your child to practice good hygiene habits at a young age helps them maintain it throughout their growth. Aside from keeping them healthy, having good hygiene promotes a child’s self-esteem, sense of responsibility and good appearance.

Here are some simple tips to help you make good hygiene a lasting habit of your child’s life:

  • Teach by example. Children naturally imitate adults. If you show them you practice good hygiene habits, they would likely follow you.
  • Help your child make hygiene a habit. Make sure they do their hygiene practices regularly to the point of making them a routine.
  • Make it fun. Liven up bath time with tub toys, puppet washcloths or crayon soaps.
  • Allow them to make choices. Encourage your child to select its own shampoo, toothpaste, or toothbrush. This is fun. More importantly, this will help develop their sense of responsibility for and interest in personal hygiene.
  • Reward with words. Always compliment your child’s efforts at good hygiene, even if the results are not perfect. Positive comments will reinforce the behavior.

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  1. i love the red underwear hehehe :-).. taking a good bath, the Filipino way (de tabo)! ;-)