Summer Home Comforts

Summer is here! I already feel the summer heat pricking my skin. My skin is now extra dry I could even spell my name on it! Is this really caused by the summer heat only? In this extra hot summer, I crave for the comfort of a cool place. How I wish my home has an air conditioner. Since we don’t have one, a dip at Obong Spring in Dalaguete, Cebu would surely cool my skin.

In this overly hot summer, traveling to Obong Spring through public transportation could be so uncomfortable, unless you will be riding in an air-conditioned bus. It is best to leave early morning beating the sunshine. However, if you have the luxury of owning a car, you could always enjoy a comfortable travel.

Since I do not own a car, I will just stay at home and maybe have a sip of an ice cold orange juice or ice tea. I can not bring my family to such a long travel especially when my baby just recovered from fever and is still suffering from cough and colds. Wish we have an air conditioner at home with the power of a mitsubishi ac compressor. The whole family would be much more comfortable this summer.


  1. nasuya ko nag tan aw sa tubig dah. :)

  2. I hope your baby's doing much better. Hopefully, you guys can head out to Obong Spring soon & cool off. ;)

    It looks like a fun place for the family!

  3. Hi Jenn! pabugnaw jud taman dinhe while nagpasilong sa shade sa mga kahoy!

    Thanks Bchai! He's becoming fussy nowadays. We plan to go to Alcoy (hubby's place) when her aunt arrives from Saudi. I would really love to dip myself in the cold waters at Obong. Exciting!

  4. wow... juliet, pa saudi ka naman! LOL.. by the way, it's a refreshing picture you got there.. thanks

  5. Oh, I only have fifteen pesos, pa-discount na lang! lol! Kuwang ra man ni para plite sa Obong hehehe.