Hot Summer Fire in Mandaue

This is the first fire to hit Mandaue City this March.
Over a thousand families lost their homes during the fire.
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March marks the start of hot summer months and the Bureau of Fire Protection declared it as Fire Prevention Month. This is a nationwide campaign and various activities and information dissemination were conducted for the safety of all concern. However, despite all efforts to prevent fire from destroying properties and lives, the hard-headed glowing gas always finds its way.

The dancing flame gutted 221 houses across Pilipinas Makro Cebu in Sitio Aroma, Barangay Subangdaku, Mandaue City Monday afternoon including the house of our officemate, Eric.

In our desire to help Eric, friends and officemates shared some old clothing for Eric and his relatives. Hope these would, in some way, ease out some of their basic concerns.

If you wish to reach out, any help you could extend or share to the homeless victims would be much appreciated. You may share your blessings through the city’s social welfare office or in the barangay.

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