Beautiful Blogger Award - Blog Awards Winner

I should have done this before but I guess it is not yet too late now (or is it?). Many thanks to Meretrisha for this wonderful award. I will keep up next time (if there will ever be, lol!).

Because of this award, I am now obliged to divulge seven (7) things about myself.
  • I am an acutely sensitive individual and secretive.
  • I am very private and hidden with my own likes and dislikes.
  • I can hide my emotions with utmost secret (well, almost).
  • I am too emotional and nostalgic with old memories haunting the conscience all the time.
  • I am too fragile and mentally sensitive to any situation that demands mental stability.
  • I can be very loving, caring and dedicated to people I admire (and the opposite to people I have negative vibes).
  • The seventh ... I will leave it up to you!
Now, what is left to do is to pass this award on to beautiful bloggers like Wendz, Almyr, Noldsman, Aisa, Ben, Val, Lord and Dogtik.

The rules are simple. Just simply follow this format - acknowledge the one (or the ones) who gave you the award, share seven (7) things/facts about yourself, and pass this award to other beautiful bloggers you know who deserve this award.


  1. Thanks Juliet.. you're the best blogger I've ever known.. ^_^

  2. Awww...where's the 7th? LOL. I wanted to read what you had for your seventh "secret." :)