Basic and Quick Guide in Taking Good Photos

Pictures allow us to capture precious moments. Learning how to take photographs is easy (and easy is taking photographs in the above photo, lol!). Here are some basic and quick guides on how to take a shot on your memorable moments.

Decide on the main object. Focus on one subject. A picture is successful if it tells a single story.

Avoid shooting against the light. Shoot with the light behind you making it as a backlight illuminating the photo. You may also use the light from the side of the object as it flatters the faces. Sometimes, shooting against the light could give good results. It could give a dusk or dawn effect.

Experiment with the camera angles. Test all angles with the subject – sides, behind, above and below.

Include space. Capture the space in front of the subject to give the look that the subject is going somewhere as well as subjects looking in a certain direction to give balance to the photo.

Choose bright colors. Make the most important and main element in the photo the most colorful to make it more vibrant and attractive.

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