Teenage Girl Beats Off Shark with Bodyboard

Fourteen-year-old Lydia Ward from New Zealand was bodyboarding at Oreti Beach near the Southern City of Invercargill with her brother when a shark attacked her in waist-deep water, biting her hip. Lydia defended herself by repeatedly hitting the approximately 1.5-meter (4.9ft) long shark with her bodyboard until it let go.

Explaining how she had read about a surfer who fought off a shark attack with her board, Lydia said, "That's what she did, and that's what you're meant to do."

Lydia added, "I showed Dad and he didn't really believe me. But then I showed him my wetsuit, with all the blood coming out, and he believed me."

Lydia survived the attack without serious injuries and suffered only several wounds that required medical treatment.

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