Potty Putter - The Ultimate Toilet Golf Gift

If you need some amusement in your restroom, potty putter is a true innovation in toilet entertainment that would make each trip to the restroom interesting. Instead of reading newspaper or magazine, or answering crossword puzzles, while relieving yourself, you could play golf in your own restroom and maximize your skills on the green by putting in some potty putting practice everyday. For the golf enthusiasts who just cannot get enough time to practice the game, potty putter is a unique and unusual way to practice your putting while on the toilet! The potty putter golf game allows you to practice putting while sitting in your "throne" and a sure fire way to iron out the flaws in your putting game. With potty putter in your restroom, your time spent will be time well spent. Potty putter makes a great gift item for the dedicated golfer, golf fanatics and for those seeking for some improvements in their putting.

Golf while you go and enjoy the fun and excitement of miniature golf in your own restroom. Grab yourself a set of potty putter and start golf putting in the privacy of your restroom. It comes complete with putting green, tow balls, golf club, cup with flag, and "occupied" sign.

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  1. LOL...I still can't get over the potty putter thing. My husband would probably find better use with it, since he prefers to sit on his "throne" in the mornings and after he gets off work. LOL. At least, it'll provide him with some amusement (instead of the daily paper or magazine). Hah hah...