10th Wedding Anniversary - Keeping Our Marriage Fresh

We are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary today. Ten years had passed since we exchanged "I dos". Ten years of sharing love, affection, happiness, pain, dreams, frustrations and struggles to keep our marriage untarnished, vibrant and scintillating. Like most marriages, we also had our shares of misfortunes and misunderstandings that challenged our relationship. Through these challenges, we learn the value of patience and sacrifice. I would say it was not easy. Keeping the dynamism of our marriage required so much hard work from both of us. However, it was worth the effort otherwise we would not be celebrating another wedding anniversary and every year we always go back to the basics to keep our marriage fresh.

In keeping our marriage fresh, it is important to understand why we entered into it in the first place. Why did we have that all-consuming, ecstatic, heart-stirring experience when we get married? What did we want out of the relationship? What did we want to give?

Here are some practical suggestions of keeping marriage vibrant that I want to share .

1. Do things together. Couples should do things together - plan together, go shopping together, visit places together. Seek to continue a life-long courtship or else the marriage may grow sour and ends up in court. One would not be naive to think that the experience of marriage is all "sugar". There might be a bit of "bitter gourd" at times. However, when this is the case, bitter gourd can be mixed with sugar together with some spices to create a wonderful "taste" of marriage.

2. Put energy into the relationship. To keep a marriage fresh, there must be a lot of energy put into the relationship. Both partners need to contribute positively. Plan surprises but remember to be creative because surprises can also become stale. For a marriage relationship not to grow stale, couples must enjoy their relationship through celebration.

3. Grow together in intimacy. To remain new in the matrimonial relationship, you must grow together in intimacy. Intimacy for most people has become synonymous to $ex. However, the word far transcends the $exual. Intimacy is not an act. It is a state of existence in which two people gradually share more of their innermost thoughts and experiences. It is the radical self-giving, the self-exposure, and the unreserved sharing of each other.

4. Be open to each other. Another ingredient that helps keep a relationship alive is openness. This is the final level of communication. Couples need to talk to one another. Anything that creates roadblocks should be removed. Not only should there be talking, there ought to be listening as well. Silence could sometimes be useful but the sound of persistent silence can also become deafening.

Love and affection may be as clear as crystal and beauteous in its purity, yet it may be shallow because it has not been tested and tried. As these are submitted to the test of trial, your love for each other will grow deeper and stronger. This continuing growth is the key to a loving marriage relationship and more wedding anniversary to celebrate.


  1. kuyawa gud, 10 years na diay mo? joke

  2. Happy wedding anniversary Juliet. Di lang hibaw-an panahon naka 10 yrs namo. ;)

  3. Thanks Shan! Looking forward for another more years ;)

  4. But I'm not on the first step yet. I just hope I will get to have the opportunity in my life to count wedding anniversaries.

    I think those tips apply not only to married persons but to those who are still going steady as well.

  5. Yes, I greatly agree with you Gem. Anyone who is into a relationship might find these tips helpful.