Music of My Life

I am feeling a little bit lazy today. The time is dragging slowly, a perfect moment to indulge myself to some "luxuries" of a couch potato and while away the hours listening to music. Music has always been a part of my life. It is the "other half" of every memorable experience. Let me share some music that I cherish on every phase I went through when I was still young and in love.

My First Love
We were on a beach, sitting on the sand, while peacefully watching the sunset. Some friends came over with a guitar, picnic mat and finger foods. We laughingly sing this song under the beautiful rays of sunset - a beautiful scene - a wonderful work of art.

Total Eclipse of the Heart

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Missing the Fun - Hidden Paradise Escapade

I missed the fun last Saturday. The group went to Hidden Paradise for a weekend escapade. I really would love to go and see why they call the place Hidden Paradise but I have to stay home and take care of my four-month-old baby. Hubby joined the party together with our two kids. I am glad hubby took our kids. I do not want them to miss the experience. From the look on their faces when they came home, I figured they had lots of fun. Though they look tired, they were still in for a story marathon. What they did not like on the place was the rough side of the swimming pools that left scratches on their feet.

Hidden Paradise Escapade

Welcome to Hidden Paradise!


Nine years of being married to hubby did not give me a hint that he also loves guys! LOL!

Hidden Paradise S¢anda£

Glad you came safe traveling on a broom in a broad daylight.
Were you from a nearby town?
Hhhmmm .....


Going Down the Monkey Walk

Weeeeeeeee ... I believe I can fly!

Ooh, don't mind me. I'll keep an eye on the foods ... promise!

Food Attack! We're relieved that feline still left something for us!