Remembering the Dead

All Souls Day is a very special day dedicated to our loved ones who passed away. We come back to our hometown to pay respect to our dead loved-ones. This is our chance to visit their graves and show our love by offering flowers, candle, food, and the most important, prayers.

All Souls Day is also a reunion among both the living and the dead. Most families keep a vigil in cemeteries and/or memorial parks. They play card games, board games, name games, sungka and other games they could think of. Some would even sing in karaokes and videokes.

Why do we put candles on their graves when there are already lamps?
I believe that the lights from the lamps guide the ways of the living while the lights from the candles guide the ways of the souls of our dead loved-ones to heaven.

Why do we offer food when the dead could not eat anymore?
This is a pagan belief that the souls of the dead would return for a meal with the family. Obviously, the dead could not take food anymore - and even the spirits. Some churches had put a stop to this practice. For the more practical reasons, it would be better to serve the foods to the living because they are the ones who need them. I have known that this practice is to show that they still care for them even though they are not around. It is the thought that counts.

This is supposed to be a solemn event, why are they having a party?
I saw people singing as if they were in an entertainment establishment and some would even set-up a disco. These are some of their ways to pass the night away and to show their dead loved ones that they are happy and have moved on from their loss so their souls would not worry for the people they left and they would rest in peace.

All Souls Day is the day to remember, pray for, and offer requiem masses for the spirit of the dead. How do you celebrate All Souls Day?

Giuliano Stroe - Five-Year-Old Weightlifter

Wow, you have to see this one! A mere five-year-old doing body building exercise. Look at the Six-Pack Abs any man would envy! Giuliano Stroe is incredible!

As I was watching the video, I just could not utter any other words but WOW! Giuliano Stroe is very AWESOME!

"Giuliano Stroe is the 5-year-old weightlifter from Romania who set a Guinness World Record for the fastest 10-meter walk with the weight on his arms. The 5-year-old trains in weightlifting and gymnastics, a popular sports in Romania."

He enjoys doing the stunts as if he was just only playing. I could not even finish three push-ups, what more the acrobats that he so easily performed! My seven-year-old son could not even perfect a cartwheel.

I do not know if what he is doing is healthy for a very young age. Health experts - what can you say? A five-year-old doing those heavy exercise worries me but he seems so happy. I just wish there would be no complications on his growth, as he gets older.

Is Your Home Safe?

We purchased a house and lot at SummerVille Subdivision, Ibabao, Cordova, Cebu through Pag-ibig Fund. We have always dreamed of having our own house where we could live in peace and pictured my children's happy faces playing and running around the place. This dream turned into a nightmare.

Last week, September 25, 2009, around 2:00 pm, a group of men (a neighbor estimated them to be minors aged 16 below and suspected to be drug addicts) stole our bicycle which was placed in front of our unit. The said bicycle was carried by one man and the rest were watchers. The man who carried the bike walked through the vacant lot. He could have gone away with the bike if not apprehended by a concerned neighbor working the fences on the vacant lot. The day before that incident, somebody replaced our new pair of slippers with an old pair. The theft must have tried this little "trick" to see if he could be caught - and he was successful.

This is not the first time we've been robbed. An incident happened on June 26, 2009. I could not forget this day because it was my son's birthday! A suppose to be special day. My husband and I were so excited because we brought a cake as a surprise. But we were the ones surprised on the news when we arrived. We were robbed! When my mother went out to fetch my children from school, some robbers took off the jalousies from the windows at the back of our unit. The robbers went inside and got our DVD player, cellular phone and other unaccounted little things. They even emptied two bottles of mineral water! We have this reported to the Barangay Captain and at the Cordova Police Station. We reported the same to ABQ & Sons Realty and Development Corp. (ARDECOR Realty), the developer.They asked for suggestions on what proper actions to be done. We suggested that the vacant lot be fenced (a feature already on their subdivision plan) and to put a security outpost (with security guard - of course!) so they could not easily gain access in the subdivision. We've been expecting ARDECOR Realty to take immediate action about the incident but it is already three months since the first reported incident and there was no action taken. And now, another robbery had happened. This could not have happened if there was a guard posted (or a Barangay Tanod if they are cutting expenses. - When we first transferred in SummerVille Subdivision there was a guard; but they replaced him with a Barangay Tanod) and the place fully fenced as expected. I just could not figure the reason "lack of budget" when they have started the construction of another SummerVille Subdivision in Cotcot, Liloan.

We regret purchasing a unit at SummerVille Subdivision, Ibabao, Cordova. The featured fence and 24-hour security were not realized. This was even published at a local news paper, Sunstar Cebu and on their online news on Wednesday, October 25, 2006. - "The subdivision will also feature parks and playgrounds, fence and 24-hour security." Since 2006, not one of these features was realized. This was the first factor we have considered in buying a unit - a secure place. We thought ARDECOR Realty is credible but we were dismayed by their inaction. If we could only return the said unit and take back all our payments, we have done so. We could not live in peace here thinking what might happen next. Our children feared even a tiny squeak they hear at night thinking the bad guys would come back. This is very unhealthy and we could not live like this forever.

If you are planning to purchase a house and lot at SummerVille Subdivision, think again. If you have enough finances to secure your place go with your dreams; but if you are in a tight budget, BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK. If you are considering another place, make sure that the whole site is already fully fenced and that full security is already implemented otherwise you might end up like us - a dog barking at the moon.

The jalousies were taken from the windows

The back of the house where the jalousies were carefully piled by the culprits

Vacant lot as pictured from our window. The picture was taken the day after the first robbery