When Love is Not Enough

Last night, hubby and I were discussing about the Christmas gifts we would give our manito on our company Christmas party. Our kids were with us and they heard our small talk. They asked me, "Ma, what Christmas gifts would you give us?"

Well, I never really thought about that lately, not that I would not give them any Christmas presents but because Christmas is still too far away on the calendar. I have no other great Christmas gift ideas for them than what I could give right now, my love and affection. I answered them, "I will be giving you my love and lots of hugs and kisses!" They reacted over the idea and asked for some "material things" as Christmas gift. I told them, "Love is the greatest gift of all! It's the best Christmas gift I can give you. Don't you want Mama to love you?" They answered back, "We do! But it would be better if you love us and give us Christmas presents, too!" I laughed and asked them, "Okay, do you have any inexpensive Christmas gift ideas in your mind?" They rolled their eyes and kept on naming things they would love to receive this Christmas.

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