Diet Plans During Christmas Season

We tend to deviate from our diet plans during Christmas season. We overeat during the holiday because there is so much tempting food around. We engage ourselves in "emotional eating" due to holiday stress; and we lower our discipline in anticipation of the new weight loss diet and exercise plans we intend to start as part of our New Year's resolution. Whatever the reason, here are some diet tips that would help you adhere to your diet plans while enjoying the holiday feast.

First, focus on weight maintenance, not weight loss. Weight maintenance is a big enough challenge during the holiday season and this is not a good time to try to lose weight. You only set yourself up for failure by making unrealistic goals for yourself.

Plan on "not dieting" after the New Year; instead, work on your wellness eating disciplines: portion control, more fiber, less fat and consistent exercise. Eat a light snack before the party. It is not a good idea to arrive at the party hungry because you will most likely overeat. Stay as far away from the buffet table as possible. At parties and holiday dinners, we tend to eat beyond our body's physical hunger simply because the food is there and eating is a "social thing". While some foods are more calorie-dense than others are, no food will make you gain weight unless you eat too much of it. If you decide to indulge, make it worthwhile by selecting something you really enjoy then just have a small portion. Eat slowly, enjoying and savoring every tasty bite so that you will feel full faster. Fill yourself up with great conversation. It is a good time to reminisce and savor life's precious moments with loved ones, relatives you seldom see and friends from long ago. Laugh all night long to burn those calories from the food that you have eaten!

Lastly, exercise to take off whatever calories you take in! As much as you can, immediately burn it off by being physically active every day. If you cannot stick to your diet and exercise program, make sure you can at least do some brisk walking.

The important things to remember this holiday season are balance and moderation. Remember what we always say – there are no bad and good foods, only bad diets. So be merry, have fun and enjoy, eat but do not forget your diet plans this Christmas season!


  1. Seeing the photo above reminds me of Filipino foods. If it's me, i wouldn't mind eating a lot. I miss all the pinoy foods. galaway ko ani da hehehehe.

  2. hhmmmm ... the yummy, crunchy panit sa lechon ... cholesterol ... cholesterol ... hehehe