Coffee Break

My brain is not working! Maybe it is still asleep. A coffee break would (I think) wake it from its slumber. I got a cup, put sugar, cream and coffee and headed to the water dispenser for hot water. While the water was flowing to the cup, I noticed my coffee did not mix well. Ooops, I forgot to turn on the water dispenser! I turned it on, discarded the cold coffee and waited for the water to become hot, hot, hot.

Tick, tack, tick, tack. Finally, I got my hot coffee. I consumed it until its last drop and waited for some time to feel its effect. It has been an hour now and I still have the clouds on my brain. Drinking hot coffee did not have any effect on my sleepy head. Maybe it would do wonders if I have poured it on my face instead. ;)
The luck arches the closing ozone.

1 comment:

  1. LOL...even though hot coffee poured on the face would surely give you that wake up call, I think it's best if you leave it in the cup. ;)

    Speaking of coffee, I need my "break" right about now.