Blue Moon on New Year's Eve

For the first time in almost twenty years, there will be a blue moon on New Year's Eve. Do not expect the moon to actually turn blue, though. It is just the term used for the second full moon in a calendar month. There is a lot of "hush-hush" over the definition of blue moon but I will leave the controversy to the experts. ;)

Blue Moon
United States, Canada, Europe, South America and Africa will have New Year's Eve blue moon. However, the full moon does not show up until New Year's Day in Australia and Asia, making January a blue moon month for them.

Another "magical" New Year's Eve event is the partial lunar eclipse on the Eastern Hemisphere. The eclipse will not be visible in the Americas.

The Philippines would not only welcome the New Year with a big bang but with both Blue Moon and partial lunar eclipse!


  1. If only the weather here was cooperating, I'd head out and check out tonight's blue moon. It's just dreary, raining, and the clouds are so thick tonight, I doubt I'll see anything. LOL.

    I wish you and your family a wonderful New Year's 2010! ;)

  2. It was also raining on New Year's Eve here and we just enjoyed the comforts of our home and watched the fireworks display from Mandaue and Cebu City through our windows. ;)

    Thanks much and have a great New Year too!