Postpartum Rashes

Three weeks after giving birth, I had rashes all over my body. At first, I noticed some red spots on my back and thought those were only insect bites. But later on the day, the spots spread to my legs, arms, neck, face and stomach; and eventually, they are all over my body! They itch really bad I could hardly sleep. My OB-Gyne advised me to see a dermatologist. The doctor diagnosed those rashes to be due to allergies. But I'm not allergic to anything. This is the first time I ever had such skin rashes since birth. The doctor could not point out what caused my allergies but prescribed anti-allergy medication anyway. Three days after taking the anti-allergy medicines, the spots gradually disappeared but the cause was still unknown.




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  1. i was like this with my two daughters. it's something to do with your hormones changing... i went to see an allergist and had a skin test to figure out what exactly i was allergic with. i wasn't allergic to anything as a result. yours was weeks mine was more than 6 months...