OSI Christmas Party 2009

Our company will be having a Christmas Party. The party committees were very busy preparing for the event for the past few weeks. Thankfully, the program and the venue are now ready. Were they missing something? Of course, there should be a party invitation! How could anyone forget that? Well, before we get frantic, our witty animators had taken care of that. In fairness, it was pretty well done! It is clever and humorous indeed! Why the long wait? Here it is!

A video invitation for the annual OSI Christmas Party featuring the FatBoys Slim with Santa Claus courtesy of wonderboykun.


  1. i miss OSI Xmas Parties..Enjoy!!!

  2. that's a unique invitation right there.. why haven't they thought of that when we were still there? hmmm. just let me know if the wife is invited coz i'd gladly come along with hubby. in short, kuyog baboy! anyway, enjoy the party and send my regards to everybody!

  3. i also miss my original team from the U.S. ... we'll try to make this party joyful for you :)

    i'll ask santa claus if wifeys are invited. padugang sa tawo hehehe ...