Victory is on Our Hands!

When Tribu ni Lapu-Lapu ("TLL") was founded in travian.comx, many of the elders envisioned a glorious experience. We did not aspire for the World Wonder ("WW") victory back then. We took aim in establishing our name as one of the toughest there ever was. Our playing styles and strategies, which were to slay the enemies or die trying, suit many of us.

As true sons and daughters of Lapu-Lapu, we never back down from any fight. Though the enemies are colossal, we face them head-on without blinking. Our power comes from our kinship.
TLL - Cebu

In the recently concluded server, TLL joined the WW race for the first time. From the very first week of the server, while most of us are pillaging and banging the enemies, our leaders laid out a plan for the WW and engrossed themselves with diplomacy and the like.

What a good plan it was! Everything boiled down to our performance along the way. If we had not established a stronghold and made everyone know that we are a force to be reckoned with, all diplomacy would have gone south. Our tightly knit group with our coordinated efforts — now, that is our ace up our sleeves.

Many of the enemies would attest and say, "... I have never seen such precision with over 100 attacks incoming from several players all landing in a mere span of 20 seconds ... Can I join your alliance? ...". These kinds of In Game Messages always make me proud to be a TLL member.

We joined Play for Fun ("PFF") in celebrating our triumphant run. Our meta-alliance PFF&TLL finished top three positions with Bigtrouble, the lone TLL holder, in Third place. We did our part and gave our share, now we join along in the victory ride.

We pay respect and give proper recognition to all who shaped us and helped us achieve our standing.

TLL Officers - you people, kept us in line. You stepped up when no one else would. All coordination runs through you all and planning it all requires great sacrifice. Yours are a thankless job but you performed with pride and patience.

TLL Warriors - You were all TLL’s might! You are the core of this alliance. We salute you for building those mighty forces on behalf of the alliance.

To our friends and confederacies:AYO™
  • RYO™
  • BKK-Cafe
  • THA-BKK®
  • UnionHD™
  • [RP]
  • UnionTH™
  • BKK_Cafe
  • PFF and wings
- We appreciate your faith in TLL. You supported us based on our words alone; and we know you are sincere in every attempt (Holy, you stand true to your words - let this be known to all your detractors). TLL is proud to have fought with you side by side. We hope we could repay your sincerity in the future -- this we pledge!

To our enemy combatants - Thank you for keeping the game interesting. For the most part, you kept the old TLL spirit alive. Yes, we fought hard on opposite sides but only in this game; and only in this game we shall.

To the PFF&TLL WW holders and coordinators - We mastered this round, didn't we? Much kudos to Raysama for pulling it off.

To HolyDrac - Thank you for believing in us and defending us when others were in doubt but most of all, thank you for the friendship.

To our "secret" friends - We will have that victory dance as promised.

I give my final salute to our TH friends. Our collective effort took us to where we are now. Truly, you are our brothers-in-arms.

After four long months of sleepless nights and tons of coffee, with class and grace, we claim glory for TLL! Let none of us think otherwise!

Travian is only but a game but in here, we made real friends. Friends, who would fight for you and stand with you against insurmountable odds. We stand as ONE. We fight as ONE. We defend ONE another for ...


 TLL World Wonder Team
  • Team bigtrouble - Erwin and Co.
  • Team oohtooth - RjC/Mavrick and Co. 
  • Team vher - Vherzeth and Co.
  • Team Friction - Don/Sally/Rafael/Amanda 
  • Team Wagpokuya - John/Darthsorn
  • Team Rumpelstiltskin - Wendell/Almyr


"We also thank all the Thai who have given us support on defense and crops till the end." - Erwin

Screen captures of the WW when the server ended.

TLL Cebu

We encourage all Filipino warriors and strategists to join our force.


  1. Erwin aka bigtroubleOctober 28, 2009 at 9:38 AM

    Wow, this is nice, can I have a T-shirt please. For the effort at bigtrouble :D

  2. Sure! Just contact Team Rumpelstiltskin c/o Wendell for your orders.

  3. hehe atot liet, di man ko ka relate sa game, mu comment unta ko.. but i got lost hekhek.. comment lang gihapon ko ah.. i'm sure you guys are having fun based on the picture and i also get the picture from the way the blog was written.. combat jud!

  4. yes, combat jud. real time game ni xa. if it's your first time on the game, you'll have sleepless nights. insomnia!!! ....

  5. mga adik talaga

    nasan na tshirt ko

  6. nice, ipa ila-ila ta sa mga chix beh :p

  7. ipa ila-ila usa imo self arom mailha sab ka sa mga chix hehehe