Rainy Days Could Be Fun Too

The rainy season is here once again. It is time to bring out our raingears such as umbrellas, raincoats and boots. During this season, it is nice to sleep and just let the time pass by. Rainy days can make one feel lazy. Nevertheless, I suggest not letting the rain get you down. You do not have to be gloomy also just because the weather is gloomy. You can still do many things to brighten up those rainy days.

You may cuddle up with a nice book you have always wanted to read and be swayed to another world when it is too wet to step outside your door.

You may sit in front of your computer and watch TV Online, do some social networking or see your friends online.

You may also take out your cards and board games and have fun playing with the whole family or friends.

Go out, relive your childhood and play in the rain. (My kids love this idea! They always long for a rainy day so they could go out, run and play in the rain.) Just be sure to take a warm bath immediately after.

Gather up the family and cook your meals together. It is a perfect opportunity to get everyone together for stories and laughs while cooking.

Keeping Bed Fresh and Clean

Rustic Bedroom Furniture
After a very busy working day, we always look forward to getting some rest at home, climb into our bed each night, and let our tired and aching body relax. However, this could be quite hard if what we smell on our bed is body odor. We do not want that kind of smell especially when we are relaxing in our room surrounded with comfortable rustic bedroom furniture.

There are simple and practical ways to keep the bed smelling fresh and clean. Occasionally changing the bed sheets usually helps in keeping that fresh scent and feel. If we do not wash the sheets regularly, they would eventually begin to smell like body odor. They would also begin to smell if we sweat a lot while we sleep. Hanging the bed sheets outside after each use is also a good way to remove the smell. They will be aired out and have that nice outdoor smell when we bring them back to our room.

Aside from keeping the bed sheets clean, we should also try not to lie in bed when we are sweaty or dirty. It is best if we take a shower each night before climbing into bed to prevent our sheets from smelling like body odor. This would also help us relax and have a good night's sleep.