Celebrate New Year Without a Bang

Celebrate New Year Without a Bang
New Year is apparently the grandest celebration of the year. The celebration takes place from New Year's Eve and is often solemnized with great grandiosity. Fireworks are very popular during this season and as such, they are a major part of the New Year tradition. As the New Year comes closer, an increasing number of people are admitted to hospitals, most of which are victims of firecrackers. The Department of Health has issued Department Order 271, series of 2010, in line with the collaborative effort to reduce the incidence of firecracker-related injuries, during the New Year festivity, in conformity with its current strategy.

"All DOH hospitals are hereby declared on Code White Alert on December 31, 2010 and January 1, 2011 to prepare their emergency units and ensure the provision of prompt emergency services to injured patients during the holiday revelry".

In response to the directive, hospitals have deployed personnel, doctors and nurses in three shifting schedules. I've just seen on the local news today some hospital attendants actively and happily preparing for emergencies. Despite the busy schedule and difficult assignments ahead, they are still wearing their beautiful smiles.

Most of us celebrate New Year with family and friends but for the medical people who will be attending their duties on New Year's Eve, it could be another distinguished if not extraordinary experience. My high regard is extended to all our dedicated doctors, nurses and hospital personnel! Your service to other people is highly appreciated. You all deserve to have a Blessed and Prosperous New Year! If only all of us will celebrate New Year without a "Bang!" ...

Taylor T5 - Inspiring Guitar Innovation

Taylor T5 - Inspiring Innovation to Guitar Players
The Taylor Guitars is well known for creating high-quality guitars and its creations were widely recognized as originals. From its humble beginnings, the company has continued to adapt new ideas that provide as an inspiration for its continuous innovation. Thus, the hybrid Taylor T5 came into existence.

Taylor T5 gave the guitar world something fresh and versatile. With the features of both acoustic and electric guitar brought together, it connects the acoustic and electric worlds in some sense that brought existence to its own guitar category. There are four T5 models to choose from namely Classic, Standard, Custom and 12-String, each bearing its own specifications. Each model is also available in different colors such as Red, Blue, Black with Edgeburst (transparent black optional), Sage Green Metallic, or Natural and finishes that include Satin and Gloss.

The rudimentary facet of the Taylor T5 is its pickup system. It has an acoustic body sensor and two humbuckers that are wired together in a five-way switch. Adjusting the five-way switch produces different pickup combinations diverging from a clean acoustic guitar to a heavy electric sound. T5 is also compatible with both acoustic and electric amplifiers and a PA system as well. T5 indeed is an inspiring innovation for guitar players who appreciate creativity in their craft.

New Year's Resolution for 2011

A few days more to go and we will be saying goodbye to year 2010. After the ferocious year of the tiger, I am looking forward for the docile year of the rabbit - the year 2011. I was born in a year of the rabbit and, with this in mind, I am so hopeful that the year would be a great one for us all.

It has become a tradition that every year, we make a New Year's resolution. I started making my own resolution when I was in grade school through the influence of some friends. Each passing year is different from the other but my new year's resolutions seem to be the same every year. My invisible list includes my goals for the year and the plans on how I could achieve those goals. My goals and plans could be different each year but they are all aiming for one ultimate aspiration - CHANGE.

I have set my New Year's resolution for this year but forgive me if I cannot share to you some of my "secret" resolutions. Nevertheless, I have already visualized some plans and that includes redesigning my blog. It has been a while since this blog was dressed up in redlight. I am contemplating on some fresh looking template, the kind that brings a different glow. Redesigning a blog is like making a Business Logo Design. There are so many factors to consider before finally choosing the most suitable design. I am still on my way looking for designs that would help attract potential readers and could give a unique identity to my blog. Wish I could find one simple yet great design for me soon!

Advance Happy New Year to All!

May Year 2011 be filled with happiness, good health and great fortune!