D' Family Park – Great Place for a Family Outing

Our first visit at D' Family Park

It has been more than a year since we last visited D' Family Park in Talamban. It is the first park of its kind in Cebu. It offers an alternative and wholesome recreation site within the city while promoting the protection and regeneration of plants and animals.

One can find swimming pools - for kids and for adults, a picnic camp site that is great for holiday camps and the likes, a vast children's playground with play things like swings, see-saws, slides, tykes play stations and more, a wildlife sanctuary, a mini-zoo and botanical research garden with a nursery, a multi-function club house and pavilion designed to suit one's needs for any social activities.

The 20-hectare area is nature-friendly. Trees surround the whole complex. Lying nearby is a one-hectare lagoon with colorful school of fish. Park goers are provided with ample parking spaces for a minimal fee. The park has a large stage, equipped with an up-to-date sound system. Fronting the stage is a huge open field/ground big enough to hold ball games. At its side are kiosks structured for those who just want to enjoy the serenity of the greeneries.

My kids had a great time during their last visit. Since then, they never stopped asking us to go back to Family Park.

Old photos

Preventive Maintenance for Washing Machine

Dirt and grime build up quickly inside the washing machine. It may result in a foul smell, which can easily transfer to your clothes. Cleaning washing machines on a regular basis will definitely keep it fresh.

Here are some simple ways to clean your washing machine:
  • Wash the tub with clean water after every use. This removes the dirt inside the washing machine.
  • Remove solid residue found inside the machine. Then with a cleaning cloth, wipe the interior surface.
  • Wipe the exterior surface of the washing machine with cleaning cloth and all-purpose cleaner or dish soap.
  • Clean the outside vent once a year and make sure it opens when the dryer is on and closes properly when the dryer is off.

Mountain Resort Summer Outing 2010

We do have a company summer outing annually. Most of the summer outings were held on beach resorts with lovely wide swimming pools and enticing blue seas.

Most beach resorts require proper swimming attires so you could enjoy the pools. Conservatives wear shorts and spaghettis, others wear one-piece swimsuit and the more confident ones wear beautiful two-piece bikinis.
Oh, well, I do sometimes imagine myself wearing two-piece bikinis and always end up with a big laugh. With those stretch marks and "baby" fats caused by three pregnancies, I would make a hilarious picture. I know science could make some miracles on those sites but since I could not afford yet professional services like Dr. Dulin's, I'll just wear suits that could hide those unsightly marks.

Last year's summer outing was great, they say. Sadly, I was not able to attend because I was confined in the hospital celebrating another "motherhood" stage - giving birth to my third child.

This year's summer outing was real fun! We had it on a different venue. It was our first time to have it on a mountain resort. The invigorating mountain air, beautiful mountain views, good food, clean lovely swimming pools all on our own, and great games that made everyone laugh, twist and shout, made the whole activity even more enjoyable and revitalizing.

Preventive Maintenance for Refrigerator

We store our foods in the refrigerator, so it is very important to keep it clean and germ-free. Improperly stored foods, leaks and spills are possible nesting grounds for bacteria. To prevent our family from getting food-borne diseases, we have to make sure that our refrigerator is debris-free for it to run smoothly.

Here are some simple steps to clean our refrigerator:
  • Wash the shelves with mild detergent and warm water. Use disinfectant to kill bacteria.

  • Wipe the gaskets whenever there is debris or clean it at least once every three to four months to keep the cold air flowing continuously.

  • Clean the refrigerator’s exterior face with hot water and dish soap when it shows any off coloring.

  • Clean the coils in your refrigerator by using a handheld vacuum to remove any loose particles. You may vacuum every 6 to 12 months. If you don't have a vacuum cleaner, wipe the coils with a dry cloth every 3 months.

Preventive Maintenance for Appliances

Like most mothers, our home is my haven. I take great measures in taking care of our home. I don't care if my hands get dirty as long as my home is neat and clean! However, with three kids around the house (which includes a frisky toddler), keeping it neat is close to impossible.

There is one aspect to cleaning the house that I usually overlook. That is, having a regular maintenance check up for our appliances. Most high-quality appliances are designed to last for a long period of time. However, if we don’t give them the proper care, we might shorten the time that we have them in good working condition.

Preventive maintenance on our appliances keeps them working at their best. It also helps them to last for as long as possible. Regular maintenance saves us from possible list of repairs that may prove to be expensive later on.