Leftover Pancit Canton

Most of the time, we just throw our leftover foods or feed them to a neighbor's dog, but this time I made some cooking experiment. There's a plate of leftover pancit canton on the table and it's such a waste if we just throw it away. I was thinking about turning it to a different dish. Hmmm, how about Tortang Pancit Canton? Have you tried it?

I prepared two beaten eggs to serve as binder, no flour, no condiments, just plain eggs. Cooking was as easy as basic frying. When the oil was hot, I put a spoonful of pancit canton in the skillet, poured beaten eggs just enough to cover its size, and cook it until it's golden brown. That's it!

The Verdict:
The kids liked it, and I like it too! It's crunchy outside and soft inside. However, the dish did not pass hubby's taste. He did not even like how it looks! :(

Trimming the Plant - the unProfessional Way


Finally, I found some time to clean up my little garden. With the help from my daughter, we managed to make it look better. Trimming the plant was the most challenging part. All I have was a little pair of scissors to use for trimming.


A little cut here, a little cut there and, after which seems a lifetime of endless cutting, the work was done. It was really fun though we could squeeze out sweat juices from our shirts after! At first, I was afraid I would mess everything and turn the plant bald but we won't learn if we won't try, so we did; and we're proud of it. :-)