Memory Lane - Road to Independence

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It was a hot but windy afternoon in Alcoy, a perfect time for a siesta. I lazily laid my back on the bamboo lounge chair and browsed an old photo album. I just flipped the pages because the faces were unfamiliar. I continued doing so when a page caught my attention, and I was stuck on the page. It was a photo of my ever so thoughtful grandmother-in-law together with her grandchildren, which includes hubby. She's with the creator now but she's still fondly remembered.

When I was pregnant, she's the one who constantly reminds me of the foods I should not eat and gives advice on the things that would help me through my heavy months. When I had my two kids, she's the one who would always ask if the kids had eaten their meals. As she got older, her body gradually became weak until she could not walk and stayed on a wheelchair. The cane that served as her third foot stood still on her bedside.

During her monthly medical check-up transporting her is such a pain. It must be so hard for Nang Marina, her caregiver, to carry her from her wheelchair to the car seat. If only there are other transportation options available for people with disabilities like grandma at the time, the family would grab it.

Now, I'm glad to know that there's a non-profit trade association like NMEDA that aims to broaden the opportunities for people with disabilities to drive or be transported in vehicles modified with mobility equipment.

If you have an elderly in the family or have a relative with disabilities, I encourage you to purchase an adapted wheelchair vehicle that is made according to your specific needs and lifestyle and get them only from NMEDA dealers and Quality Assurance Program (QAP) dealers. They would help you get what you need because they do on-site evaluation. It's easy to find the nearest NMEDA dealer. Just provide your zip or postal code or make use of their advance search.

The Quality Assurance Program (QAP) is the only nationally recognized accreditation program for the Adaptive Mobility Equipment Industry and dealers who participate in the QAP are held to extremely high standards.

Do yourself and your loved-ones with disabilities a favor. Help them get back onto the road of independence.

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Tingko Beach Alcoy - Revisited

Tingko Beach Alcoy Revisited

Tingko Beach has changed since we last visited the place. There are a few renovations done on the place. The store is under renovation and there are four new cottages under construction. Tingko Beach has improved. I could say, it's better than before.

Tingko Beach Alcoy Revisited

A new private resort is putting up four cottages on top of the big rocks beside the beach. About eleven years ago, there were cottages on top of these very same rocks but they were all gone when we went in 2000. I'm glad they are building not only one but four cottages! However, price range for the new cottages are Php1,000 to 1,500.

Tingko Beach Alcoy Revisited

These are the Antig Cottages and they are still serving the beach goers. They also made some improvements to their place, which made the place even more attractive and spacious.

Room rates for cottages owned by Jack Antig

Php 900.00 to 1,000.00 per room/cottage = good for 6 persons
You may contact Jack at phone #483-9298 for room inquiries and possible price adjustments.

Below is the barangay beach house. The barangay beach house made a very nice back draft of marine life. The beach house is also for rent, so looking for some place to stay at Tingko Beach is not a problem. When we had a family activity in Tingko Beach, we rented this beach house for a day for only Php600. It's cheaper than the others because it's a barangay beach house.

For inquiries, you may contact Councilor Ricky Gonzales at 09182874023.

Tingko Beach Alcoy Revisited
Tingko Beach Alcoy Revisited

Since no one can take away our passion for music, Tingko Beach provides the most common recreation for the music enthusiasts. I've seen at least three videoke machines - one on the store, and the other two on the cottages.

Tingko Beach Alcoy Revisited

There are groups of beach goers who stayed there overnight. The sun was up early and it was already hot. A great time for those who love to keep their tan.

Tingko Beach Alcoy Revisited

There are people playing volleyball, some are still on their tent and cottages, and some are taking a short morning nap on the swings.

Tingko Beach Alcoy Revisited

We did not try the water because there are sea organisms that cause skin rashes and my kids just had them when they went for a swim days ago. We just enjoyed the white sand and cool shade under those big rocks.

Tingko Beach Alcoy Revisited

I've also shared my visit at Tingko Beach on my new blog. I would be happy to "see" you there.

Tingko Beach Alcoy Revisited