Meeting the Family Budget

"Times are tough." We commonly hear this line from housewives who are responsible in taking care of the household budget and that do not exclude me. With the increasing prices of common commodities and the monthly bills, I do find it hard to adjust the family needs according to our budget.

With my great desire to augment our income, I browsed the internet for sidelines or part-time job. There were so many opportunities available but choosing the right one was not as easy as it seems. I was lucky enough to find one that perfectly fits my skills, interests and time.

While I was doing my online job hunting, I found an excellent opportunity for mothers and students. I feel much obliged to share this income opportunity as I know and feel the need for one. This opportunity allows us to sell textbooks. What really got me interested with this opportunity is that we could sell our own used textbooks through legitimate online bookstores. I've seen people sell used textbooks at a very low price in Divisoria. Most practical moms do their shopping there so they can stretch their budget and save even more. This is kind of hitting three birds in one stone - we have freed the cabinets the extra loads, we earn additional income and we have helped other housewives with their budget.

Ending the Ordeal

We've said "bye-bye" to the hospital this morning and were just so excited to come home. My baby is fine now although he still has the cough. There are at least four medicines to maintain - two antibiotics, salbutamol and zinc supplement. Giving those medicines is so difficult because baby would spit out the liquid. We have tried tricks like putting sugar on the spoon and let him have that sweet taste first then the medicine. The first try was successful but it does not work always. He would even spit out his sweet Vitamin C supplement. (*sigh*)

At night, he still has nightmares. He suddenly cries while sleeping. Maybe he was dreaming of his hospital ordeal. My poor baby.

I Am Not A Book

It is common knowledge that many were affected by this tough economy. Even "Dubai World sent shockwaves across financial markets last year when it said it would not be able to repay its debts on time and asked for a six-month freeze on debt payments."

Like most people, I do admit I have my own share of list of payables. Most of us do, from bills to debts. When someone asks for some assistance from you, what would be the right thing for you to do? You could either extend your help or politely say "no". What if you were the one requesting for it but the other person said "no" to you and, behind your back, talks about some personal issues about you? How would you react?

I could never ever forget the day when I had my first official "demerit" because I was being "unprofessional". I was talking with a friend then and shared my sentiments over hubby's evaluation. If what I did that time were "unprofessional", how would we categorize the actions done by someone who hits me with personal talks behind my back? If this makes them "professional", I would rather choose to be considered as "unprofessional".

I am disheartened to know that there are people who discriminates people in need. They do not have the right to judge the decisions and actions I have made in the past. I just did what I deemed right to do at the time. Necessity of things depends on each person's needs in a period. Who are they to judge what is necessary and not for us? Do they really know us by heart? Do they know our needs?

"Consider that thou dost not even understand whether men are doing wrong or not, for many things are done with a certain reference to circumstance. And, in short, a man must learn a great deal to enable him to pass a correct judgment on another man's acts."

Before we make our judgments, we should always consider that what is right for one might not be right for the other.

If there are people who make us down, there are also people who help us in their own ways. There are also people whom we did not expect to help but readily shares in times of our needs. Thank you so much for all your help. I greatly appreciate your kind heart and understanding.

Give Life to Your Walls

Since my baby was admitted to the hospital, it became my second home. From work, I go straight to the hospital and vice versa.

The hospital room was a bit boring. There were no decorations like Acrylic and Oil Paintings by Lena Karpinsky. There was not even a wall clock hanging on the walls.

How I wish I could hang the painting on my own room. It would certainly give life to our bare walls.

Beware: Nurses Could Hurt Your Baby

My baby was confined at Mactan Doctors Hospital last Thursday because he was showing some common symptoms of pneumonia like cough and difficulty in breathing. He does not have fever so the doctor set aside the possibility. His x-ray showed phlegm on his lungs that caused him to have breathing difficulties.

Hubby was the one who went through all the agony of watching our baby endure all the pain from IV insertions and needles at the emergency room. The first IV insertion on my baby's left hand was unsuccessful so the nurse tried the needles again on my baby's left foot. Thankfully, the nurse hit the vein. Hubby really wanted to twist the nurse's head because he could feel baby's pain all because of the nurse's incompetence.

On the third day, the doctor told us that they would transfer the IV. We were so concerned because this would be another painful experience for my baby. Two nurses came and set the IV. The nurse tried my baby's right hand. She had inserted the needle but did not hit the vein. What a ***********!!! My baby cried aloud because of pain. After a while, another nurse came and tried to insert another needle on my baby's right foot, and another ************ without success. Hubby was REALLY mad this time and would not allow anyone to touch baby again. He was willing to sign any waiver the hospital would give. What do they think of baby, a guinea pig where they could practice their incompetence?
Finally, the doctor came and told us she would be the one to insert the needle. Hubby did not argue or utter any word thinking, "at least now you are sending an expert". The doctor tested the veins from baby's left hand and noticed the "now hard vein" caused by the first unsuccessful attempt at the emergency room. She tried the sides and bingo, it was a success! It was a great relief for baby and all of us watching him. My other children even cried watching baby cry in pain.

My baby's health is showing good progress. He could now play with his siblings and give a good laugh.