Yummy Biko on Good Friday

I made biko on Good Friday. I did not follow any recipe and made my own measurements. I was short of latik so I made two kakanin - biko and puto maya, lol! The cooked malagkit rice without the latik eventually turned puto maya, hahaha.

Here are the ingredients I used on my biko:

1 kilo malagkit rice
1 medium size coconut (grated)
3 cups water
1/4 kilo moscovado sugar (you may use brown sugar if you want a lighter color for your biko)
1 cup white (or brown) sugar
1 small box raisins

I was short of latik with this number so, the next time I'll do biko I'll have twice the number of coconut, sugar and water.

I also forgot to buy kalamansi and butong (young coconut). These are great additions to the contemporary biko. The kalamansi rind adds a certain kick to the flavor and the grated butong adds texture. This is how I normally prepare my biko - with raisins, kalamansi rind and butong.

Here's how to prepare the biko.

1. Put the grated coconut in a bowl and add water.
2. Squeeze out the gata (coconut milk) and set aside the coconut.
3. Set aside the gata. This will be used for making latik.
4. Measure malagkit rice to check the number of cups (1 kilo is approximately 7 cups).
4. Again mix the used coconut with water equal to the number of cups of the malagkit rice and squeeze out the gata (this is thinner than the first squeeze).
5. Wash the malagkit rice and pour in equal amount of the thin gata. Cook like you normally cook rice.

Preparing latik:
1. Boil the thick gata stirring regularly.
2. Add sugar when it boils.
3. If you would like your biko to have butong, you may now add the butong while it's boiling.
3. Stir until creamy. Add raisins.
4. If you have kalamansi rind, mix them before taking the latik out from the flame.

Mixing the biko!
1. Put a pan over a low flame.
2. Put a cup or two of latik.
3. Gradually put malagkit rice and mix thoroughly until you get the consistency that you want.
4. Alternately put latik and malagkit rice mixing them thoroughly. By doing these, you will be able to check if you got enough latik for the malagkit rice and maintain the consistency of the biko. If you have extra malagkit rice, you can still have it as puto maya just like what I did. This would be great with hot tsokolate!

Biko display!
Place the biko in a nice platter for a more presentable look. If you have extra latik, you may add them as toppings. You may also bake the biko in an oven until the top turns brown.

My Top Entrecard Droppers For March 2010

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Karaoke Sing Along - Barkada Night Out

Hubby and his friends had their night out party last week and I also went along out of a sense of duty and respect (as if I don't want to go and unwind, lol!). We went to an "eat all you can" food establishment because that's all we can afford considering their large bulks. The foods were great and we left the place with heavy stomachs! After a long and entertaining conversations or should I say humorous nonsense talks, they agreed to go to a videoke bar to sing their hearts out and burn the calories they just earned.

We went to a restobar in Cebu City. The place was simply cool and it's not crowded. You could enjoy the night without worrying much of your safety because there were guards visibly posted on their places. Their
singing machine karaoke system was great! You could sing like Jason Mraz or Jojo without burning your throat. Your voice comes out neatly even if you are not musically inclined. You'll get a feeling of singing like a pro (at least)! Hubby and I really had a great time karaoke singing and even planned to go back to the place someday. I just forgot the name of the place (had my senior moments lately, lol!) but as I do recall, it's along Mango Avenue near National Bookstore.

Hubby and I wished we have the same
karaoke machines or even portable karaoke machine at home to while away the hours on weekends. The whole family really loves to sing, most specially our kids (though we don't really have the talent, wink*).

Pains and Joys of High School Graduation

High School Graduation
Congratulations to all the graduates!
You are now a step closer to your dreams!

My most memorable graduation day was my high school graduation. It was both the happiest and the most painful celebration I ever had. It was the happiest because finally, after four years in high school, I will soon be in college and I would be closer to my dreams! It was the most painful because I know I won't see some of my precious friends after graduation.

Most of my friends will go to other universities for college and I will be left on my dear alma matter. However, some would stay in the same university but it is still sad because we would not be complete anymore. Everyone who had been in high school would surely know how high school friends bond together and understand the feelings of leaving each other behind.

My friends took engineering, accountancy, education, occupational therapy and, most of them, nursing courses. My passion for nursing is not as high as them. It is not because I don't love the profession but because of fear of blood! There were at least two instances that I fainted out at the sight of blood!

Nursing is a very expensive course. For graduates whose dream is to become a nurse someday but could not afford the fees for nursing education, you could still reach your dream by becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant or CNA. This would be your doorstep to becoming a nurse someday. Feel free to check this cna training information for your guidance.

Financial Management –Teaching Kids About Money

[photo: express.howstuffworks.com]
Got this from The Wall Street Journal
and thought of sharing this to you.

I agree that teaching kids about money will help them become responsible when they grow up. Understanding the stock market at an early stage is not really a kids' stuff so I would better wait for them to grow much older. However, we could always teach our kids some ways on how to earn money. There are many ways for kids to earn money and a good example is selling food item kids would love. When I was in grade school, I sell chocolates, chocolate-coated biscuits and yemas. My classmates were sweet lovers and they always buy from me. At the end of the day, all my stocks were sold and I'm left with an empty chocolate container and a box full of money. Pretty cool!

Ryan Snook
Adapted from "Piggybanking: Preparing Your Financial Life for Your Kids, and Your Kids for a Financial Life." Copyright 2010 by Jeff D. Opdyke. Published by Harper Business, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.

Campaign Banners – Responsible Banner Campaigns

As May 2010 approaches, more and more politicians are taking advantage of the campaign period (and some even before the campaign period) to gain more popularity and get an edge over their rivals. An increasing number of political campaign advertisements are scattered anywhere. Photos of politicians are seen on street lamp posts, walls, ad spaces, bridges, trees, house gates, garbage cans, electric posts, electrical wires - name it; they are just everywhere! Their campaign banners come in different sizes. You could easily identify politicians with high financial resources just by looking at their banners.

There are guidelines for ad or banner posting but they seem disregarded. How could these people better serve the community when even on their campaign for service, they are already spreading their garbage? There are proper places for these banners or posters, and politicians (and their men) ought to follow the guidelines. For sure they have lots of greens to finance their campaign. They could start being responsible by purchasing wholesale banner stand. They can then put their ads on it and display their faces on approved places. This way, when the campaign period is over, they could easily collect their banners without leaving their trash.

Summer Vacations – Things to Bring on a Summer Vacation

March ushers the start of the hot summer months! It's summer and it’s about time to take that long-awaited vacation. Make sure to enjoy your few days of pleasure and do not forget to bring the following:
  • Sunglasses
  • Cool shirts and vacation wear
  • Sunblock, cosmetics and skin care products
  • Digital cameras
  • Swimwear
  • Footwear
  • Headgear and hats
  • Diving Watches
  • Luggage and travel bags
  • Travel guides
Spend more time to rest, relax and enjoy your summer vacation. Go on and take that well-deserved summer break!

Watermelon Shake - Sweet and Healthy Way to Enjoy Summer

[photo: ruudvisser.com]

Watermelon is a good source of vitamins A and C. It also contains potassium and fiber. Watermelon contains high levels of antioxidant called lycopene. Lycopene is very effective at trapping cancer-promoting agents called free-oxygen radicals.

Now that summer is here, we have more reasons to enjoy the taste of this sweet fruit and its health benefits. An easy way to savor its flavor is the Watermelon shake! We only need to combine the following ingredients in a blender:

[photo: nestle]
  • 3 cups watermelon, cubed
  • 2 cups ice, crushed
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 2 tbsp honey or sugar

This tastes great if chilled for about 15 minutes! Enjoy the summer!

Home Improvement - Keeping the Comforts of Home

Hubby and Warren are taking their much needed break 
after doing all the heavy work.

It's been a year since we moved into our new house. I could still remember that very tiring day when we pushed all our energy cleaning all the mess and putting all things on their places. I was still carrying my youngest on my tummy then.

When we purchased our house, it was so bare. The floors and walls were rough and need refining. The comfort room looked creepy without the tiles and paint. We hired a contractor to do all the home improvement and made special instructions on the tiles to be used. We were not able to supervise the construction since we are at work during weekdays. When we had the first glance of the tiled comfort room, it was pretty neat. The worker used a diamond saw blade to cut the tiles for a neat finish.

What a big difference tiles could do! With its new look, the comfort room now feels so ... "comforting". I love the cool green color and the flower decor on it. Whenever I relieve myself, I keep my eyes busy watching that "not-so-simple" work of art.

Paypal Account – Problems with Paypal Account Records

Does Paypal have problems with their records?

Yesterday, I was not able to login to my paypal account. I have sent tickets to their help desk and received basic answers that I have already done – like click "forgot password" and "follow the instructions in your mail". Don't they realize I won't be asking for their help if I have not done the obvious?

Indeed, I clicked the "forgot password" and checked my email. I clicked the link they gave me and I have to confirm my account. The problem is the security questions I've set were changed, so obviously I cannot proceed with the process! I didn't know who did that but for sure, I did not change it, in fact, I have used and answered the security question on Saturday, when I changed my password. I asked them to return them back to the original set but they declined.

Hours later, I tried to login again using the same password and alas, I was able to login! I took the chance and transferred my money to another account for fear I won't be able to access my account again. I tried to change the password and security questions back to the ones I set. However, I was unsuccessful. The reason – "The password you entered does not match our records. Please try again." Whew, that was weird! I have logged in to my account using the same password and could not change my settings because the password is incorrect! Since I've already transferred my money and there would be nothing to do with my account, I decided to log out. Out of curiosity, I logged back and, the weirdest of the weirdest, I could not login (and of course, I used that very same password I used when I have successfully accessed my paypal account). Huh!

Today, I tried to access my account again and successfully logged in. When I tried to change the security questions, I still got the same error - "The password you entered does not match our records. Please try again." Trying to be experimental, I logged out and tried to log back but as expected, I could not login again. Weird, huh!

Paypal, how could you explain this? I already informed you about the problem. When do we hear precious words from you?