Good Time Management - Tips On How to Maximize Your Day

Homemakers and working moms often find themselves on a state of needing some more time to do the things they need (and want) to do in a day. As the old saying goes, “Time is gold”. It is a precious commodity no one could afford to lose. With good time management, we would be able to do the things we need and love to do. I do hope these basic and simple tips would help you maximize your day.

Make a To-Do List and prioritize the tasks. List everything that needs to be accomplished and mark each completed task. Indicating the time you need to do the task would help you set your priorities.

Give yourself a break each day. Schedule at least an hour for yourself to take short breaks and do the things you love to clear your mind and refresh your body.

Get enough rest and sleep. Enough rest and sleep provides you the energy and alertness you need to go through the day. You can accomplish task pretty well if you are fully rested.

Get rid of interruptions. Eliminate anything that could break your concentration like television and mobile phone while you work on the task at hand.

Set a time for each task. Do not procrastinate. Do tasks in set time and complete the task within the time limit. However, be reasonable and practical in setting the time for each task or else you would only be adding stress to yourself.

Do the “not so nice” tasks first. Accomplish them first because putting them off would only end up squeezing them into the day that may result to a feeling of being overwhelmed.

Delegate other tasks. If it is possible to assign someone some of the tasks at hand, feel free to do so. You do not have to do everything yourself.

Learn to say no. If you feel that you can not do the task, it is best to refuse than to commit yourself and fail to accomplish. Say “no” and clearly state the reasons why you can not do the task. You may suggest alternatives if you are still interested.